SOLD OUT! September Limited Edition Brownie Box

SOLD OUT! September Limited Edition Brownie Box


My September limited edition box will ship on Thursday 19th September to arrive by first class post on Friday 20th September. It will contain 10 beautiful brownies - two each of FIVE mystery flavours. £20 including a Cake or Death postcard and postage.

Every month Cake or Death releases a limited edition brownie box containing mixed flavours - something I’m not able to do with my other brownie boxes at the moment. The limited edition boxes all ship on the same day (this month it’s Thursday 19th September) and you will receive 10 delicious brownies - two each of five different flavours - which will be unannounced until the day. If you have any special requests let me know! Each box will be accompanied by a Cake or Death postcard - either with a handwritten thank you from me or if you’re sending it to some one special, you can include a note.

If you’re worried about eating 10 brownies within their shelf life of 10 days - DON’T PANIC - because the brownies freeze brilliantly so you can ration them until the next limited edition box comes out in October. Simple!

Because the flavours are mixed I’m afraid allergens including gluten, nuts, soy and peanuts may be present so please don’t order this box if you’re concerned.

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