Chocolate Orange Brownies

Chocolate Orange Brownies

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I created these brownies because they remind me of the times when, as a small child, I would sneak downstairs after bedtime to find my parents eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The treachery! How dare they eat such a delicious treat when I wasn’t there?!

I make these with orange extract, pieces of candied orange peel and the tears of tiny children. They delicious and better than a chocolate orange.

Not only are they vegan but they are also gluten free - I have found that using Doves Farm gluten free flour makes them extra dense, moist and gooey.

Allergens: SOYBEANS (please note my kitchen uses products containing gluten, peanuts, tree nuts and soybeans and so any product may contain traces of these allergens).

You can also send a card and a message with your brownies. Every Origin, a Hackney based, female owned company have created some beautiful hand made greetings cards with fabric remnants. Alternatively, we can pop your message on a free Cake or Death postcard. You can make your card choice and write a message when you order.

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CARDS! Our selection of cards you can choose to send with your brownies, with a hand written message inside to make it even more special!