When will I get my brownies?

Our brownies are delivered by Royal Mail,  Monday - Friday in the United Kingdom only including the Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland and Channel Islands. We do not deliver to international destinations (including Eire).  Order before 10am to get your brownies on the following day. Get in touch with us for larger quantities. See our delivery page for more information

What ingredients do you use?

Each brownie comes with a full list of ingredients and allergens. All my brownies are suitable for vegans. I use Vitalite margarine because they are a member of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil and guarantee they use palm oil from sustainable sources. I use soya milk in our brownies from Plamil which is organic and was given the highest sustainability rating by ethicalconsumer.org. We’re also looking at soya alternatives such as hemp… so watch this space. We use Callebaut chocolate from Belgium and vegan sugar.

What about allergens?

I am a vegan bakery and all brownies are suitable for vegans. Allergens including peanuts, treenuts, sesame, gluten and soya are all used in my kitchen. So I really cannot guarantee that traces of these allergens are not present in my chocolate brownies. I do offer the option for gluten free flour (I use Dove’s Farm) in my sea salt, peanut butter and chocolate orange brownies and if you tick this option I will take extra care to make sure they are not contaminated with gluten. However, there is no guarantee - so if you are concerned perhaps it’s better not to order. My brownies do not contain alcohol.

I haven’t received my brownies

If your parcel does not appear to have arrived, firstly please check with the neighbours or around the property in case the parcel has been left in a safe place. Also try the local post office I.D. will be required to pick up parcels.  If the parcel has not been delivered to neighbours or the post office then it is possible that your parcel may have been delayed. You must advise us within 14 days of any non-delivery of a parcel.

Of course delays unfortunately can occur when we least want them to and your special parcel that maybe an important gift, can be delayed much to your disappointment. We all work really hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen, but please understand that traffic problems, weather, vehicle break downs, motorway closures can all occur that are generally out of anyone’s control to solve. In these instances, your parcel will be delivered as soon as possible at the very next opportunity and we ask for your understanding and patience.

We regret that delayed parcels cannot be cancelled or refunded unless lost or delayed by more than 3 working days.

What will be included in the package?

Our brownies are wrapped in baking parchment and then in brown paper and tied up with pink and white striped baker’s twine. They are packed in a sturdy white postal box and the brownies are further protected by packing ‘peanuts’ which are biodegradable - simply soak them in water and they will wash away. We will also include a handwritten note (you can specify the wording when ordering) on a choice of one of our postcards or cards as well as an ingredients list, with full details of allergens. The receipt will not be included but sent to you by email.

How many brownies can I order?

You can order a box of 6 or 9 brownies. For larger orders, please contact us directly so we can work out the most economical way to send it.

How big are the brownies?

Each brownie measures approximately 5cm X 5cm and are around 2cm deep, although flavours like peanut butter and Biscoff are a bit deeper. Using gluten free flour means they rise a little less, but are still really delicious! Every box of 6 brownies will weigh at least 520g and every box of 9 brownies at least 780g.

How big is the postage box?

The postage box measures 222x150x88 mm. The boxes do not fit through a letterbox - we are looking into letterbox sized boxes - but at the moment we think this box, packed with biodegradable packing peanuts, provides the best protection for the brownies.

How long do the brownies keep for?

The brownies will keep for 10 days in the fridge and freeze well for a month. Defrost thoroughly at room temperature before serving. Keep them in a sealed box or well wrapped to stop them from drying out.

How should I serve them?

On their own, at room temperature with a coffee, tea or glass of milk is the way we eat them in our house. But they also make an excellent dessert if warmed through to make them all gooey.